We set off into the high desert on the North s…

We set off into the high desert on the North side of Angeles National Forest near Paradise Springs in search of an often overlooked waterfall off the Manzanita Trail, Mt. Lewis Falls. Most who pass by here never even know that it exists.

On this #TravelTuesday I’m reminded of m…

On this #TravelTuesday I’m reminded of my time in BC last year. I look forward to returning to Canada soon. We drove 2.5 hours North of Vancouver, BC to explore some of the most beautiful lakes in Canada at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. These three stunning, bright blue, glacier-fed lakes are accessed by hiking through some beautiful mountains on a moderate, but well maintained trail. The third lake features a camping area with wonderful views of the Matier Glacier, which is the source of these brilliant blue, alpine lakes. https://youtu.be/IwbyO3pAAmk (at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)